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New GA terminal launched in Sochi


Sochi airport infrastructure has added a brand new GA terminal. The opening ceremony took place on December 10, 2013. New terminal, managed by the Airport Authorities, was tested during the recent economic forum and at the moment, just 2 months ahead of the 2014 Winter Olympics, it is ready to serve international traffic.

The terminal, featuring modern equipment, is conveniently located adjacent to the main airport complex. Own exit from the highway to Sochi, dedicated parking, comfortable waiting lounge and five isolated meeting rooms ensure privacy for the most demanding passengers. In-house café is run by the catering service of a premium hotel.

This 4000 sq. m. facility, designed for the capacity of 80 GA passengers per hour, will be of especially high demand during the approaching 2014 Winter Olympics. As there are days, when the airport is expected to operate under the pressure of heavy traffic, very close to its peak capacity, we urge our customers to send us requests for services with as much notice as possible.

Our operations team is at your service 24 hrs in case you have any questions or requests.To find out more, please contact 

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