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XXII Winter Olympics at Sochi: The Final Countdown


While the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi are coming closer, the countdown of 100 days started with the end of October when International airport of Sochi announced readiness of its services and units for this great event.

As of today almost all the recently built airport infrastructure have been put into operation, 10 air bridges were opened in the new transit zone covering an area of ​​over 6,000 square meters. A new VIP terminal was launched in the end of September with the capacity of 85 passengers per hour. This terminal features separate entrance and car parking for clients as well as dedicated GA ramp with a dozen of parking stands.

A light construction additional passenger terminal will be functional next to the main airport terminal. It will serve sportsmen and organized groups of fans. The capacity is 420 passengers per hour. All necessary equipment and engineering systems for this terminal will be launched till the end of the year. Expressly for the Olympic Games an optimization scheme of passenger flows was developed. Three sections - A, B and C will start to work in the main terminal: flights of main carriers, "Aeroflot" and S7, will be served in Sector A, Sector B – is devoted to other domestic traffic, while Sector C will be used for international flights. 19 check-in desks will start to work in sector A in December to increase capacity and reduce the time of passenger service. Four self check-in desks will be installed additionally to the existing six. There will also be desks for mobile registration in all sectors allowing to print boarding passes. Particular attention is paid to airport security. A number of passenger screening equipment and personnel will be increased twice.

Streamline calls upon its clients to start planning possible operation during Sochi Olympics as soon as possible. It will be an extremely busy period in Sochi and Russia in general, and many operational limitations are expected. Especially please pay your attention to the following:

VISAS: Visas will be required for both passengers and crew members, and must be obtained in advance through the Russian Embassy. As of today crew visas on arrival is possible in Moscow only. Applying for multi-entry visas in advance is recommended. In order to secure crew visas an invitation letter is necessary, so we can assist with invitation letters for your convenience. Please note it is not a quick procedure and takes about one month to arrange it.

According to our information visas can be issued upon arrival at URSS and URKK for the sportsmen and official delegations, which have appropriate accreditation with the Russian Olympic Committee.

PERMISSIONS and SLOTS:Please note that the airport of Sochi started to collect slot requests for the period of Olympics a few months ago and we started to get the first slot confirmations from Sochi airport for our clients. For GA flights PAX information is an obligatory part of our request for slot.

From 01 JAN 2014 till 30 APR 2014 Sochi will be available only for scheduled flights, and non scheduled operation including business flights carried out in the interest of the XXII Olympic Games and XI Paralympic Games. Permission for all other flights to be issued after coordination with Federal Air Transport Agency on flight-by-flight basis. Slot notice for cargo flights in connection with Olympic (Paralympic) Games is set at 14 office days. The airport will take 4 office days for slot consideration and official reply.

Slot notice for business aviation needs to be 5 office days and the reply shall be expected within 3 office days.

While calculating fuel burn, please take into consideration possible delays on arrival in holding areas. Additionally alternate landings might be recommended by ATC due to ceremonial procedures.

PARKING: Aircraft parking at AER will not be available, except for government aircraft and aircraft carrying IOC officials. For all others only the maximum of 2 hrs are allowed for turnaround. Overnight is recommended at URKK (official alternate) or any other neighboring airport, like URKG, URKA, URMT, URMM or URRR.