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About Us


Streamline OPS welcomes you at Ashgabat, Turkmenistan


We are pleased to inform you about the recent developments on Turkmenistan destination. Thanks to our strategic partnership with airport authorities Streamline OPS has started to provide flight support and handling services including fuel at Ashgabat airport (ASB/UTAA).

Ashgabat Airport also known as Saparmyrat Turkmenbashy International Airport is one of two international airports in Turkmenistan. It is located approximately 10 km (6 mi) northwest of the capital Ashgabat. The airport with its air traffic control tower and a 12.000-foot (3.700 m)-long precision-approach runway (12L-30R) opened in 1994 and was named after the country's first president Sapamyrat Niyazov.

Adding this new location adds to Streamline OPS image as one of the leading Flight support centers in CIS and Russia as well as the most extensive network of supervisory agents in the area.

Today Streamline OPS offers at UTAA flight support services including:

  • On-site coordination of all services & procedures (yet to be confirmed)

  • Flight planning and FPL filing 

  • Jet fuel

  • Landside and airside transportation

  • Other services on captain's request

  • Payments for state, airport, handling and other flight related charges on prepayment basis.

Please note that our agent fees at this location are set at 10% of third party charges.

We welcome your flights at this airport with our assistance as well as at any other of numerous stations throughout Russia and CIS where we have our representatives and agents.

In case of any question please don’t hesitate to contact our Client Relations and Partnership Department: