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EBAA Welcomes New Affiliated European Associations


Russia, Spain, Belgium, Malta, And Austria Biz-Av Groups Join The Club

The European Business Aviation Association (EBAA) continues to grow, announcing Wednesday that five new Biz-Av groups representing the local interests of business aircraft operators across the region have joined its ranks.

Over the past year, EBAA has supported the creation of the Russian United Business Aviation Association, (RUBAA) , which combines the efforts and membership of the former RBAA and UBAA, the Spanish Executive Aviation Association (AESAVE), EBAA Belgium , Malta Business Aviation Association and the Austrian Business Aviation Association (ABAA). These entities join the British Business & General Aviation Association (BBGA), EBAA France, EBAA Switzerland, the German Business Aviation Association (GBAA), Italian Business Aviation Association (IBAA) and Norwegian  Aircraft Operators Association (NAOA) in having their national issues highlighted and addressed at European and international level through the efforts of EBAA and the International Business Aviation Council (IBAC).

"The importance and reach of business aviation in Europe continues to increase, with the sector flourishing across the breadth of the region," says EBAA President & CEO Brian Humphries. "EBAA supports the ongoing development of new, non-profit, National Associations that represent the interests of business aircraft operators and endeavour to advocate on their behalf not only locally, but also at European level and globally by satisfying the requirements of IBAC membership."

"One important RUBAA activity is to implement and promote within Russia internationally accepted voluntary standards for the operation of business aircraft. To achieve this, we rely heavily on our cooperation with EBAA and IBAC," says RUBAA President Leonid Koshelev.

"Among the leading priorities of the Malta Business Aviation Association are the challenging issues of setting up a successful aircraft register in Malta, and subjects regarding access to Malta International Airport including fees and charges, security and better facilities. We welcome the support and expertise provided by EBAA to help us address these issues within a European context. Furthermore through EBAA we can easily liaise with operators across the continent to share best practices and exchange advice," explains Stanley Bugeja, President of the MBAA.

"The Austrian Business Aviation Association looks forward to cooperating with EBAA to hold its next regional business aviation forum in January, where we'll examine business aircraft operations in Austria and across Eastern Europe," says ABAA Founder and President Dr. Caspar Einem. "No matter the country, operators and service providers have much to learn from each other to ensure the harmonisation of activities across Europe. We all benefit by having a unified message towards governments, media and the public to voice concerns and promote understanding of our important sector."

Source: Aero-News.Net