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EBAA welcomes new regional groups


The European Business Aviation Association (EBAA) has formally recognized the affiliation of five new national groups to its organization. The Brussels-based industry group now encompasses the newly formed Russian United Business Aviation Association (RUBAA), the Spanish Executive Aviation Association, EBAA Belgium, the Malta Business Aviation Association and the Austrian Business Aviation Association. EBAA already has affiliations with groups in the UK, France, Switzerland, Italy, Germany and Norway and acts under the auspices of the International Business Aviation Council (IBAC).

“The importance and reach of business aviation in Europe continues to increase, with the sector flourishing across the breadth of the region,” said EBAA president and CEO Brian Humphries. “EBAA supports the ongoing development of new, nonprofit, national associations that represent the interests of business ¬aircraft operators and endeavor to advocate on their behalf not only locally, but also at the European level and globally by satisfying the requirements of IBAC membership.”

Europe’s national business aviation groups all face their own particular challenges. For example, RUBAA president and chairman Leonid Koshelev explained that the group is pushing for the adoption of internationally accepted voluntary standards for the operation of business aircraft in his country."

His Maltese counterpart, Stanley Bugeja, is dealing with issues relating to the creation of an aircraft register for Malta. The Maltese group is also campaigning for improved access and facilities at Malta International Airport, as well as for more acceptable fees and security procedures.

Meanwhile, EBAA plans to stage a regional forum in Austria early next year with the theme “One Europe–a Roadmap for Aligning East and West.” The event will be held in the Austrian capital on January 20-21. Speakers will include Austrian Business Aviation Association president Dr. Caspar Einem and Kimon Daniilides, chairman of Greece’s Hellenic Air Carriers Association.

Among the topics to be discussed at the forum are challenges in arranging aircraft finance, achieving industry standards for insurance benefits and easing access for operators from eastern and western Europe when flying into their respective territories. EBAA has previously held regional forums in London and Berlin.

By Charles Alcock

Source: Business Aviation